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Rabbit Cage / Fattening Rabbits / Baracaldo Model / 2 Compartments / Feeders and Drinkers / Stainless Steel / Plastic Floor Mat / L 1030mm x W 740mm x H 900mm
Producer: GAUN - Spain
27999.00 Ksh.
The Baracaldo rabbit cages are the best for use in a domestic environment or in large farms where rabbits are reared commercially. It is perfectly suited for rabbit fattening since it allows for close monitoring of the rabbits and maintaining a clean
Ksh. 27999.00
Group Cage for Rabbits / Galvanized Wire Mesh / 4 Rabbits / Rabbit Transport / Domestic Rodents / Different Compartments / Dimensions 73 x 22 x 41 cm
Producer: Tehno Mss
6950.00 Ksh.
This galvanized rabbit cage is suitable for transporting 4 rabbits at the same time. The four compartments are suitable providing sufficient space for each rabbit during transit. It can also be used to transport other domestic rodents such as chinchillas, Guinea pigs etc.
Ksh. 6950.00
Rabbit Nesting System / Lima Model / 2 Compartments / 2 Feeders / 2 Drinkers / 2 Nesting Boxes with Wooden Floor / Galvanized Wire Mesh and Sheet Metal / Domestic Rodents
Producer: GAUN - Spain
37800.00 Ksh.
The Model Lima rabbit nesting system is designed to offer your female rabbits maximum comfort during their breeding season. The cages are designed for rearing and fattening of rabbits and they also have nesting boxes four mothers with their offspring.
Ksh. 37800.00
Rabbit Nesting System / Lagoon Model / 2 Nests / 2 Feeders / 2 Drinkers / Galvanized Wire Mesh / Stainless Steel Nipples / Thermoplastic Floor Mat / Domestic Rodents / Di
Producer: GAUN - Spain
42800.00 Ksh.
The lagoon model rabbit nesting system is the Holy Grail of rabbit rearing and fattening. This rabbit cage has two compartments that are fully equipped to host rabbits and their young ones and it can also serve as a normal cage for fattening of rabbits.
Ksh. 42800.00
Combined Rabbit Cage / Model Galicia / Domestic Rodents / 2 compartments / Feeders and Drinkers / Galvanized Sheet Nesting Box / Dimensions 1280 x 800 x 900H
Producer: GAUN - Spain
29950.00 Ksh.
The combined rabbit cage is an ideal setup both for private households and can also be used in rabbit farms for commercial purposes. It is purposefully designed to perform the double function of rearing and fattening rabbits while another compartment is designed for female rabbits which are expecting offspring.
Ksh. 29950.00
Rabbit Fattening Cage / Model Segura / 2 Compartments / 2 Drinkers / 2 Feeders / Galvanized Wire Mesh / Domestic Rodents / Dimensions 1030 x 800 x 900 mm
Producer: GAUN - Spain
27300.00 Ksh.
The Model Segura cage is ideal for fattening rabbits. It has two compartments that are fully equipped to take care of rabbits in a stress free environment to ensure that the gain weight in that they have a good lifestyle.
Ksh. 27300.00
Combined Rabbit Cage / Fattening and Nesting / 1 Insulated Nesting Box / 2 Feeders / 2 Drinkers / Thermoplastic Floor Mat / Galvanized Wire Mesh / Domestic Rodents / Dime
Producer: GAUN - Spain
37199.00 Ksh.
This combined rabbit cage is ideal both for small farms and professional farms. The model combines the best of the entire Gaun range for raising rabbits. It is made of galvanized wire mesh that is resistant to rust and corrosion and has a long lifespan without wear.
Ksh. 37199.00
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