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Cow Anti Kick Bar- Adjustable to fit Different Sizes
Producer: Tehno Mss
3500.00 Ksh.
Cow Immobilizer / Anti Kick Bar Robust, galvanized. For different animal sizes. Prevents the animals from kicking. Ensures ergonomic length adjustment and prevent inadvertent opening.
Ksh. 3500.00
Net for Slow Feeding / Farm Animals / Durable Elastic Material / No Knots / Dimensions 600 x 900 mm
Producer: GAUN - Spain
3310.00 Ksh.
This net is suitable for feeding horses, ponies, goats, or cattle in general. The manufacturer of this product offers us a more intelligent and animal friendly approach to the nutrition of your animals.
Ksh. 3310.00
Vertical Stand for Mineral salt block / Horses / Sheep and Goats / Cows and Cattle / Dimensions: 210 x 210 x 135 in.
Producer: GAUN - Spain
3200.00 Ksh.
Designed to provide a stable and easily accessible platform for placing mineral salt blocks. It allows the animals to access the salt block at their convenience, encouraging proper mineral intake. It prevents the mineral salt block from being knocked over or trampled, reducing wastage and prevents contamination. It can be anchored to the ground or wall to minimize the risk of tipping or falling.
Ksh. 3200.00
Animal Weight Tape for Cows, Pigs etc Size: 250cm/ 1000kg , Retractable
Producer: YAGO
850.00 Ksh.
It is used to measure the body weight of beef cattle, dairy cows and pigs and is an important tool for farms. Retractable design.
Ksh. 850.00
Mineral Salt Rack / Horses, Sheep, Cows, Goats / Steel / Dimensions 240 x 205 x 100 mm
Producer: GAUN - Spain
3900.00 Ksh.
This mineral salt rack is suitable for horses, sheep, goats and cattle. Salt is very essential for animals since it provides them with the right minerals to supplement their natural diet and enable efficient growth, development and reproduction in animals.
Ksh. 3900.00
Plastic Rock Salt Holder / Horses, Sheep, Goats, Cows / Beveled Edges / Drainage Holes / Dimensions 230 x 215 x 210 mm
Producer: GAUN - Spain
1399.00 Ksh.
This plastic rock salt holder is ideal for use by horses, cows, sheep and goats. Salt licks are necessary for animals for proper growth, development and reproduction. It helps to supplement the natural diet of the animal and ensure that the animal does not lack in the appropriate minerals and electrolytes.
Ksh. 1399.00
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