Myagrovet is Kenya’s leading supplier of top-notch agriculture tools and equipment. Our tools and equipment catalogue is rich and diverse; ranging from precision measuring instruments such as thermometers and hygrometers, temperature and humidity controllers, multimeters, and refractometers. We also offer an array of livestock equipment tailored for various animals such as poultry, rabbits, sheep, goats, and cows.

By supplying farmers across the country with high quality agricultural equipment, we are considered a trusted farming partner. However, we don't just stock agricultural tools and equipment; we build strategic partnerships with farmers to save them time and money through intelligent sourcing of reliable farming equipment.

With hundreds of agricultural tools and equipment in stock on our interactive website - and proven experience in sourcing farm equipment - Myagrovet is uniquely positioned to meet your agricultural infrastructure requirements.

Myagrovet has a mission, to supply farmers across Kenya with the relevant agricultural tools and equipment to suit their farming requirements. We are a team of highly motivated individuals working together to fulfill our mission for Kenyan farmers - 'to enhance integration of agricultural best practices in Kenya by ensuring that modern and reliable agricultural tools and equipment are within grasp of the local farmer'. This mission is continuously becoming a reality because thanks to our global contacts, we are able to source high quality agricultural tools and equipment brands such as Tehno Mss, GAUN, ETI, PeakMeter, OWON, Elitech, InkBird, among others - and conveniently deliver them right to your doorstep.