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Automatic Nipple drinkers / A1 / Set of 10 pieces

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Automatic Nipple drinkers / A1 / Set of 10 pieces

Automatic nipple drinkers, also known as " drip nipple," are commonly used to provide water in poultry farms.

It is a more efficient and hygienic way of providing water to large numbers of birds.

They are suitable for all types of chickens; broilers and Kienyeji, from day-old chicks to adults, as well as turkeys, pheasants, peacocks, guinea fowl, pigeons, quails, and other birds.

The automatic drinkers feature a drip nipple that works similarly to a bathtub tap, with a small float underneath that allows one or two drops of water to pass through when triggered. When the bird pecks at the nipple and moves the float, a few drops of water enters directly into its beak.

Automatic nipple drinkers help to reduce this risk by providing a clean and enclosed source of water. The nipple of the drinker can be easily removed for cleaning and disinfection.

They require less maintenance than traditional chicken drinkers, as they can be connected directly to a water source, such as a hose or pipe, for constant supply and easy monitoring.

Length - 7cm
Height(of nipple) - 2cm
Width - 4.5 cm

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