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Digital Dual Timer / IDT-E2RH / Two Relays
Producer: InkBird
6700.00 Ksh.
The INKBIRD IDT-E2RH is a dual, digital timer with two relay outputs capable of controlling the duration of operation of LED lights, water pumps, freezers, heaters, etc. This is a digital model with two operating periods corresponding to the two relays. A working duration from 0.01 seconds to 99 hours and 99 minutes can be individually set for each....
Ksh. 6700.00
Temperature and Humidity Controller / XM-18 / For Egg Incubator / Egg Rotation Function
Producer: KETOTEK
6500.00 Ksh.
The XM-18 is a digital controller designed to simultaneously monitor the temperature and humidity in egg incubators. It provides a temperature range of 0°C to 99°C and humidity range of 0%RH to 99%RH. One notable feature of this model is its ability to rotate the eggs in both directions during a time period set by the user. It also includes ventilation and cooling functions. The XM-18 model....
Ksh. 6500.00
Digital Temperature Controller STC - 3008 110 - 220 V AC
Producer: KETOTEK
3600.00 Ksh.
The STC-3008 is an excellent value-for-money thermostat that offers two universal thermostats within a single box. Each thermostat can be utilized independently for cooling or heating purposes. The accuracy is already very good, and it can be further improved through 0.1°C step calibration. The STC-3008 also includes an alarm function and relay delay in minutes, enhancing its functionality. It....
Ksh. 3600.00
Dual Digital Thermostat STC - 3018 /110-220V AC
Producer: KETOTEK
4200.00 Ksh.
The thermostat has a range of applications such as temperature control in home, farm, various cold storage, greenhouse, aquarium, etc. It is made of ABS fireproof plastic shell, which is safer for use. This digital thermostat is equipped with an NTC sensor for convenient use, the cable length is about 1 meter. The large and clear digital display shows the temperature measurement with...
Ksh. 4200.00
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