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Universal Multimeter Probe / PT1031 / 1000V/ 20A / Special Sharp Needle
Producer: ANENG
800.00 Ksh.
The model PT1031 is a universal multimeter probe featuring a special sharp needle suitable for measuring very small parts and components.
Ksh. 800.00
Multifunctional / Universal Probe For Multimeters / PT1020 / 18 Parts / 1000V / 20A
Producer: ANENG
900.00 Ksh.
This multifunctional probe set has 18 components and can measure a maximum voltage of 1000V and a current of 20A. The probe is universal and is suitable for any type of multimeter. The set has accessories that can be changed and alternated according to the immediate need, such as U-shaped attachments, universal plug, copper needles, pliers, crocodile clip and magnetic screwdrivers.
Ksh. 900.00
Multifunctional / Universal Probe For Multimeter / PT1009 / 1000V /10A
Producer: ANENG
380.00 Ksh.
The PT1009 is a universal probe for multimeters. It is suitable for all models of multimeters. It is able to withstand maximum voltages of up to 1000V. It can also withstand maximum current of up to 10A. It is recommended due to its precise and accurate measurements.
Ksh. 380.00
Universal Probe for Multimeters / ANENG PT2009/ Spring Cable / 1000V / 20A / Double Insulated
Producer: ANENG
1700.00 Ksh.
ANENG PT2009 is a universal probe for multimeters with a spring test cable that is suitable for all types of multimeters and clamp meters. It can measure a maximum voltage of 1000V and current of 20A. The spring-type cable is double insulated and this guarantees long service life without need for replacement or wearing out.
Ksh. 1700.00
Multi-functional / Universal Multimeter Probe / 22-Piece Set / 1000V / Gold-plated Tips / 0.3mm
Producer: ANENG
2800.00 Ksh.
This is a 22-piece multifunctional silicon probe set. The set contains accessories that can be changed as needed which include U-shaped forks, nickel needles, clips, additional tips, banana tip and others. These probes are suitable for ANENG PT1028 multimeter from our catalog and four other models of handheld, desktop and pen-type multimeters.
Ksh. 2800.00
Multifunctional Probe for Multimeter Aneng PT1010 / 1000V / 20A
Producer: ANENG
3000.00 Ksh.
This multifunctional probe is designed for all types of multimeters withstanding up to 20A and voltage up to 1000V. It is suitable for Aneng PT1010 multimeter from our product catalog.
Ksh. 3000.00
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