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Digital Multimeter / Model B33+ / 3 3/4 / True-RMS / 1000V / 10A / 40MΩ / Bluetooth 4.0 / Recording 10000 Points

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Digital Multimeter / Model B33+ / 3 3/4 / True-RMS / 1000V / 10A / 40MΩ / Bluetooth 4.0 / Recording 10000 Points

This digital multimeter functions as a 3-in-1 data logger, multimeter and thermometer.
It has an LCD backlight which allows it to be used even in poor lit environments.
It has the capacity to connect to more than one device via a mobile app.
It can analyze changes using a special graphics mode.
It supports voice warning which ensures precise measurements are recorded.
It has automatic range selection.
It also has a function for voice reading out of the values.
It has a 3 ¾ digit display.
It has an automatic power-off that saves battery life.
It measures the exact and effective value using True-RMS.
It records temperature in the range of - 50° C to 400° C.
It supports Bluetooth 4.0 on mobile devices with Android version 4.3 and above or iOS version 7.0 and above.

modescopesec. solutionaccuracy
DC voltage V400.0mV / 4.000V / 40.00V / 400.0V0.1mV±(0.5%+2 digits)
1000V1V±(0.8%+2 digits)
AC voltage V4.000V / 40.00V1mV±(0.8%+2 digits)
400.0V / 750V0.1V±(1%+3 digits)
DC current μA400.0μA / 4000μA0.1μA±(0.8%+2 digits)
mA40.00mA / 400.0mA0.01mA±(0.8%+2 digits)
A4.000A / 10.00A1mA±(1.2%+3 digits)
AC current μA400.0μA / 4000μA0.1μA±(1%+3 digits)
mA40.00mA / 400.0mA0.01mA±(0.8%+2 digits)
A4.000A / 10.00A1mA±(2%+3 digits)
resistance400.0Ω / 4.000kΩ / 40.00kΩ / 400.0kΩ / 4.000MΩ0.1Ω±(0.8%+2 digits)
40.00MΩ0.01 MΩ±(2%+3 digits)
capacity40.00nF / 400.0nF / 4.000μF / 40.00μF0.01nF±(2.5%+3 digits)
100.0µF0.1µF±(3%+5 digits)
frequency4.999Hz / 49.99Hz / 499.9Hz / 4.999kHz / 49.99kHz / 49.9kHz / 4.999MHz1mHz±(0.8%+2 digits)
coefficient of filling0.1% - 99.9% (typical value: Vrms=1V, f=1kHz)0.10%±(1.2%+3 digits)
0.1% - 99.9% (≥1kHz)±(2.5%+3 digits)
temperature-50℃ - +400℃
screen3999 - variants
responds to frequencies40Hz - 400Hz
measurement update3 times / s
Bluetooth module√ 
record of change no connection√ 
auto range√  
Recording time168 hours (7 days)
Record length10,000 points
Diode test√ 
Automatic shutdown√ 
Shutdown warning√ 
Low battery indicator√ 
holding the reading√ 
relative measurement√ 
input resistance≥10MΩ
LCD backlight√  
Entrance protection√  
LCD size69 x 52 mm
display area67 x 46 mm (effective area 66 x 45 mm)
battery3V (1.5V x 2)
dimensions (W x H x D)85 x 185 x 30 (mm)
weight0.32 kg

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